We carry passenger in Longyearbyen. We have 15 buses with 10 to 60 seats. Our service consists of airport bus, sightseeing bus, shuttle bus, school bus, coach, shuttle bus, taxi, sightseeing minibus, freight transport and other orders on order. We offer both regular taxis and minibuses with variable passenger capacity from 1-16 passengers. Larger groups are transported with one of our 15 buses. The company also performs approved special transport of wheelchair users and has capacity for up to 2 wheelchairs.



Svalbard Bus and Taxi AS have daily tours by minibus. We pick up at the hotels daily, so it pays off to book in advance. The tour is guided in the area nearby Longyearbyen by minibus from 10am and 16pm every day, the trip lasts approx. 2 hours. We guide in English and / or Norwegian. We drive up to viewpoints for a good view of the city and the ancient mines. We continue to Adventdalen and stop for photography. In the valley we pass the Nordlys station and the old airport. There is often reindeer and goose here.

Then we continue to the Eiscat radar and stop at the viewpoint for photography. At this stop you can see the whole valley and across the fjord to the glaciers at the other side. We travel further towards the airport with a stop at the Global Seed Vault, on the way up to Gruve 3. The tour ends on Gruve 3 and then we return to the hotels.



There is an airport bus from all regular scheduled flights. The bus runs from the airport to the city center after the luggage has been delivered from the passenger plane. The bus stops at several hotels in Longyearbyen, you can tell the bus driver where to stay.

See map of stops and driving routes, as well as ticket prices.



During the year, we have more than 120000 passengers traveling with us.


You can call Taxi +47 79021305 or book sightseeing.


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